My favorite thoughts about Christmas and thankfulness

During the mostwonderfultimeoftheyear everyone writes about Christmas and thankfulness and Jesusness. It’s the thing to do. That’s okay with me, because I would rather read about Christmas right now than the fourth of July or the Easter Bunny or Back to School time. Writing about Christmas just makes sense.

I wrote about Christmas in my great-grandma post last week and also in my scorpion and egg post a teensy bit too. If you haven’t read those, you might wanna take a look.

Since Christmas should be all about spreadingthelove I decided today’s post should be less about me and more about others. 

Amidst all the Christmas and thankfulness writing, I have read some pretty awesome thoughts. A small sampling of my favorites are listed below for you to peruse at your leisure (pronounced inside of my head “le-shurrre“).

If you read only one of these posts, it should be the post by Jody Hedlund about Thanksgiving.

Christ-mas (More Christ) 

  • Who is the real St. Nick? Who was the famous yet alltooeasilyforgotten inspiration for our lovable, jolly Santa Claus…and how did he become associated with a holiday centered around Jesus Christ? I don’t know if everything on this site is true, but I have read the story of tossing gold through a window to prevent girls from turning themselves over to prostitution in many different places. Basically St. Nicholas lived like Jesus by giving to the needy. We should too.
  • When Christmas Gets Radical: Whose Birthday Is It Really? – A Holy Experience  — I love this post for many reasons: simplicity, children, Jesusloving, selflessness. The incredibly relaxing solo piano playing in the background makes me think of lovey things. Piano is my most favorite of alltheinstruments. I could read a blog about dragons and wars and trolls and winged monsters (all things I’m not thrilled about), and if solo piano music was playing in the background, I would probably love that post too. Not to discount the amazingness of this post…I would still love this post sans piano. I’m just sayin’ a little piano makes a great post even greatester. Also, I must have been floating around the same cloud as the author of this post, because I had already written my great-grandma post when I read this one. We are completely onthesamepage.
  • The Advent Conspiracy -Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, Love All. Consider buying one less gift this Christmas and give that gift to someone in need.

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