When life hands you lemons, don’t make lemonade.


*If you are here to find out why you shouldn’t make lemonade and/or you don’t care for inspirational makeyoufeelgood mumbojumbo, skip to the last paragraph of this section. Otherwise, enjoy yourself.

I enjoy moments. I hope you might be inspired to pause your daily commotion and observe.

Breathe. Feel wind tingle your arm hairs. Follow the path of a bird. Allow your mind to wander. Point out things you love about yourself. Look internally. Find things you love about your insides. (Not your organs. Unless you love things like gallbladders, then go right ahead! Love you some organs!) Take a moment to watch those around you. Think about what they mean to you. Tell them. Listen. Learn the sounds of your environment. Learn names. Greet a stranger. Make every interaction count. Empathize. Encourage.

Instead of looking through your window, look at it. See if you can find color specks, or even more fun- crawling critters- you might have overlooked. (If you are driving I request you please look through your window and wait until you are safely parked to look at it. Also, please do not read while driving. Both qualify as wait until you are parked activities :-).

Are you looking through your day, or are you looking at your day?

How about your life?

In today’s hustlebustle life, the beauty of God’s world is often overlooked. Even more with society’s plasticisbest standards, we are forgetting the beauty of uniqueness—the beauty of every person.

We have all been given an unique way to impact the world. Never discount your own value. “When life gives you lemons don’t make lemonade” comes from my desire to push the limits and dream the impossible. When life hands you lemons, don’t assume you must make lemonade… aren’t there hundreds, thousands of things to do with or to a lemon? Experiment. Figure out which works best for you, which way you should use your lemons. Find your gift, your special ability to impact the world and seize it. Seize the lemons!

Phil Wickham — You’re Beautiful

Take a moment from your day and relax.