My favorite thoughts about Christmas and thankfulness

During the mostwonderfultimeoftheyear everyone writes about Christmas and thankfulness and Jesusness. It’s the thing to do. That’s okay with me, because I would rather read about Christmas right now than the fourth of July or the Easter Bunny or Back to School time. Writing about Christmas just makes sense.

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Socks and Bodywash — How My Great-Grandma Changed My View of Christmas.


         We are overexposed to the big, the bad, the outofthisworld incredible when it comes to gifts. From MySuperSweet16 to the Kardashians to the HousewivesofMars, everything being thrust in our faces screams, my46inchTVisnotbigenoughI don’t need most of the gifts I will receive this year for Christmas, but every few years there is someone who gives a gift that is truly useful, one that I really need–like a jumbo pack of toilet paper or a gift card to the grocery store. Typically the most humble, needed gifts are synonymous with bo-ring. Let’s be real, humble gifts are not the most exciting things to open–socks from grandma, anyone? 

One of the best lessons I have ever learned about Christmas came from a shopping date with my then 94 year old great-grandmother (who just turned 97, by the way. Isn’t she precious?!).

If he asks for an egg, will you give him a scorpion?


          Years ago as I was cleaning out my childhood closet, I spied a small box tucked up in the corner of the highest shelf, dusty and tightly sealed. The box was nothing special, just an old cardboard cube box from a department store left over from Christmas presents one year. The box was plain, solid white and taped tightly shut. With the aid of a stool I climbed my way up to the highest shelf in my cluttered closet and struggled to reach the box. Over time the box had migrated to a place in the corner beyond my fingertip reach. Next to the box, but in my reach, was a stack of old Bibles. Some were from my childhood, others were versions more difficult for me to understand due to an antiquated writing style.