A Guest Post — No Makeup November

Today I have a special post from one of my favorite people in the entire universe. My younger sister, Brooke, is a senior in high school. She recently participated in a makeup fast for AN ENTIRE MONTH. Courtesy of Rave Ministries, Brooke joined a movement of girls and women across the country who vowed to go without makeup for the month of November.

Brooke has always loved her makeup, so this isn’t a knock to makeup love. We still both enjoy getting glitzy and dolled up, but this month changed both of us, and I didn’t even participate. (I’ll have an update on my illness soon. Stay tuned.) Below she’s written about her experience with fasting from makeup. We hope you are encouraged to find the beauty God gave you.


From Brooke:

When I heard about a Rave Ministries fast called No Makeup November (NMN), I was curious but convinced I would not join. There was absolutely no way I would go without makeup for thirty days while going to school. I was confident in myself to a point, but still extremely insecure. I wanted some sort of approval from people who were just as insecure as I was.

No Makeup November is a fast from makeup to find the beauty God has given instead of the beauty society has decided.

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