Originally my husband was not at all happy I brought home a puppy. In fact, for about the first week, he resented anything that had to do with her. There would be moments of happiness, followed immediately by frustration when thinking of the responsibility that came with her. See, to him, the puppy was a packaged deal. A little bit of happiness, a whole lot of responsibility. And he simply didn’t think the happiness could possibly outweigh the daily tasks of keeping up with her. The two pieces didn’t even out in his mind. Some days during the first week we had her, he would look at her and say something like, “You’re a heck of a lot of work, you know that?” She would just look at him and wag her tail, happy that he had taken the time to finally acknowledge her presence.

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My 25 Planks – 1 to 5


Earlier this year I wrote something huge. I wrote down a list of 25 planks I have stuck in my eye. (Matthew 7:3-5). I wrote down my planks and then promptly hid them in a file on my computer vowing to never show anyone. Well, “the time has come” as Effie Trinket says. God is nudging me to confess my 25 planks to the world. So here is my list exactly as I wrote it a couple months ago, yet ever-pertinent to my life.