My 25 Planks – 1 to 5


Earlier this year I wrote something huge. I wrote down a list of 25 planks I have stuck in my eye. (Matthew 7:3-5). I wrote down my planks and then promptly hid them in a file on my computer vowing to never show anyone. Well, “the time has come” as Effie Trinket says. God is nudging me to confess my 25 planks to the world. So here is my list exactly as I wrote it a couple months ago, yet ever-pertinent to my life. 


Mountainside Reliance

          I haven’t posted in nearly a month for many reasons. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I mentally fall into a ditch, and then I walk in that ditch for a while and I meet a bunch of interesting ditch dwellers who all encourage and inspire me to climb back out. About a month ago my brain fell into a writing ditch. We were in the process of buying a house, my job was wearing me down, and what little spare time I had was much needed relaxation time with my husband. I occasionally would pull up my blog, stare at the main page for a minute and then close the computer. I simply didn’t have anything to say.

          I don’t know if what I’m writing today is the right thing to say, but I know it has helped me climb back out of the ditch. So maybe it will help someone else out there. Whether you’re stuck in a ditch or climbing a mountain, God wants to be next to you.

God cares about football. Can I get an "Amen"?

Tim Tebow “Tebowing”
          I thought I would never write a post about God, football and Tim Tebow. I feel like this blog is an oasis from such debates. Last night, after my facebook and twitter were inundated with comments about God and Football and Tim Tebow, I watched a debate spark up around me as I stayed silent. This was not my fight. This was not my argument. I was going to keep my mouth shut. I watched as people argued about how God doesn’t care about football, how Tim Tebow is more of a show than a Christian, and how 316 yards in a game definitely could not be from God. I stayed silent. It wasn’t my debate.  Continue Reading…

Why I would still say “No Deal” to $239,000

*Note: Because I have been cornered in many debates about my decisions on Deal or No Deal—which I find silly, but also a bit tiresome :-)—this post is a blanket explanation and doesn’t chronicle the FUNNESS of that event. Maybe I’ll post about the FUN later!*
I believe everything I do has an impact on the reason I was put in this place, at this time, in the history of God’s world. Saying I would never change my Deal or No Deal decisions doesn’t make sense to many of you. For those of you who don’t know, I was a contestant on the show Deal or No Deal in 2007. I won a whopping $83,000. In the process of winning what is double—no, triple—some people’s yearly salary, I said “No Deal” to some extremely large amounts. In fact, I left with the second lowest amount I was offered during my game. Let me rephrase that, the ginormous sum of $83,000 was the second lowest amount I was offered during my game. I said no to $239,000, $188,000 and many other large amounts, with those two being the largest.