Hay Farris is a lover of love. She holds a B.S. degree from Lipscomb University, a PharmD degree from Samford University, and an imagination degree from Whangdoodleland. Please don’t call her “Doctor,” but do call her “Hay.”

A lover of all things zany and experimental, in high school Hay scored a trip to National Science Fair by helping invent a method to carbonate fruit.

In 2007, Hay hung out with Howie Mandel for a few hours and won some money on Deal or No Deal. Casting directors for the show said Hay was the first person to attach additional pages to an application. And she was definitely the first person to respond to the question why should you be on the show by answering because of lemons.

Why lemons? One of Hay’s life mottos: If life hands you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make whatever the heck you want. Experiment! Seize the potential in your lemons!

For those who like a little more juice in their fruit, additional info about Hay Farris can be found here.

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